Free Your Soul – Poem Meditation

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Close your eyes and feel.
Stay quiet, observe being still.
Breathe slowly and deeply, let the darkness evolve.
Feel every feeling that was hidden above.

Let every thought pass by your mind,
catch it and let it leave with no sound.
Breathe and relax your body, your mind.
You’re unique, one of a kind.

Dive deeper to see with your heart all your soul.
Don’t be afraid to fall into dark hole.
This is the place of your hidden fears,
suppressed emotions, traumas and tears.

There is no scary demon, or death or evil.
All you’re scared of is your mind’s devil.
Devil that’s made of your negative thoughts,
all the emotions you skipped being lost.

This is the time for you to reveal, 
live them and feel in order to heal.
This isn’t so scary or painful even.
Face them right now, to live in a heaven.

You don’t need to die with your body or soul,
but you need to die with your inner role.
What does it mean, you would ask me then?
You need to acknowledge and feel it again.

Feel with your heart what was wrong or suppressed,
feel what you skipped when you have been obsessed.
Feel what you resisted to accept and let go,
feel all that made you feel angry or low.

Make a deep breathe, relax, disconnect
from the reality, people, – reflect.
Reflect to your inner feelings and pain,
explore the world beyond your brain.

Stay quiet for longer, allow yourself to feel,
allow to dive deeper in order to reveal.
Reveal all the issues, negative thoughts,
stereotypes, automatic wants.

Breathe slower and deeper feeling your heart,
connect to your soul, don’t go apart.
Touch with your fingers your chest, feel heart beat.
Breathe through your heart feeling its heat.

Warmth that is spreading through your veins that you feel,
is pure essence, love you reveal.
Let love fill every organ, each cell.
This is the medicine you need to get well.

Let your body reveal as it needs:
cry, move your body how it leads.
Feel inner shift of energy within,
love it and make it out, spin.

Feel how the tension is leaving the body,
feel all the emotions you embody.
Feel all the problems and issues dissolve,
and your inner light evolve.

Walking along the darkness within
you start to see the light, you let it in.
Golden healing light fills your soul,
kissing each wound, making you whole.

You’re connected to the divine,
you’re the source, you’re whole, the one.
You feel your path and all fears are gone.
This is the bliss you found along the line.

Thank you for showing the way to the light.
Thank you for courage to face all at night.
Thank you for blessings I count and feel.
Thank you for helping me heal.

This is the freedom for your soul, your heart.
You’re at peace, it’s a very start.
Start of your happy desirable life,
the one you always wanted, you’re about to dive.

Living at peace, free of all fears,
soul is feeling happy tears.
Open your eyes, live happy and free.
Look at the mirror – I’m healthy, loving, new me!

@Copyright Vic from inspiration For You

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