Unconditional Love

We all have heard this expression – unconditional love. But how do you understand it? Do you think it’s related to love between two people who are meant for each other? Or is it about parenting love? Let’s find out its meaning and connection with everyone.

The quote from the Bible

My absolutely favorite quote is from the Bible. You can see this quote also in the movie – “A walk to Remember”. It says: “Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.” Do you think it means unconditional love?

Divine Love

The description from the Bible really describes a perfect feeling of a divine being. When I read it, it makes me feel the divine touch, trembling and something anyone wishes for. So is it something rare that everyone should wait and hope to find in life? Well, when I was young, I thought it’s something really special and it’s hard to find and if you found it – you’re a lucky one. But in years I understood a really simple and very important secret.

A Secret of Unconditional Love

The secret is really simple. You don’t need to search for it. This is already within you! And as stronger you feel and emit it, as happier you become and as better the world around you becomes.

More Explanations of Love

You might ask – if I can truly love relatives, friends, lovers, how can I unconditionally love those who betrayed me or hates me, or those who made awful things – killers, maniacs and others? Does it seem crazy to you? I bet can seem like that! So let’s go deeper.

Childish love

When the child is born, everyone loves this baby. The baby is innocent and no one know who he will become. We love the child unconditionally. Isn’t it? As well as the child loves everyone unconditionally – he doesn’t know if the person is a killer or the most loving being. He loves everyone equally, unconditionally. This is the best example of unconditional love.

Life Happens…

So what happens later? Why people lose the connection with the divine love and change the path? The world is very complex, the human body is a very complex and powerful computer that develops every second. It gains new experience and creates programs that it follows the whole life. But what does is really mean?

In the ancient times life was simpler and people acted based on instincts. Nowadays, when life is much more complex and we all feel hundreds emotions daily. And the complexity of life, with million rules, templates, stereotypes move us away from the divine connection towards new emotions. And as from what we can see, these new emotions and programs that are created by minds, are not much positive and loving, unfortunately.

Fear as the biggest Obstacle

So the biggest obstacle we face is fear. There are actually so many fears that stop us trusting the divine plan, make us stop believing in self, love self and others.

Connect with Self to Heal and Uncover Unconditional Love

So if we look back at the example with the child, so to the very beginning of each life, we can see that each person is already a perfect divine creature. And when we were born, we were strongly connected to self, to the Divine, to the Source. You can call it how you feel resonates with you the most. So it’s the answer to all the questions, fears, prayers and doubts. It needs to learn how to connect with self again. You might ask how to do that? There are a lot of options and one of them is meditation. But there could be a bunch of steps you will need to make in order to achieve that. And the awareness is the most important stage.

Connecting Process

The process could be very complex and long. As we gained a lot of experience and knowledge, so it’s like a lot of things feel like the truth and something we don’t ever can doubt, but it could be a core lie. So for many people the process of connecting with self can be through detaching from others. Here, please notice, it doesn’t mean you should stay away from people and don’t talk to anyone. This is a more complex process which I can describe in more details in other article.

Also to connect with self, it might require to be ready to admit so many of your previous views, knowledge and fundamental perceptions might be wrong. So you need to be ready to admit you’re wrong. It means to open yourself to the universe and accept the world around the way it is, learn from it, respect. Once you really connect with self, you accept yourself, and with accepting self you’ll accept others the way they are. And before it happens, you will really feel love, unconditional love to self and every living being and every creature. Without it, you won’t be able to accept and connect.

You’re The Change You Wish To See in The World

Connection with Self is the connection with unconditional love. This is how you feel what is right for you. This is how you don’t judge self and others and you let anyone learn and grow in own pace and flow. Everyone develops in its own unique way and we can’t force someone’s growth the way we want. Once you connect with self, you stop competing with others and you start truly enjoying life the way it is, respecting and loving others. And when you emit love, others become better. Because it’s how you show that you don’t judge them and respect and this is how you make a difference. This is a path to making the world a better place!

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