Fears in the Mirror

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Look at the mirror – who do I see?
Is it the best version of me?
Do I see issues, honest and bold?
Can I admit in what wasn’t told?

Do I have masks, is it my clothes?
Can I see the truth with my eyes closed?
Do I make choices I chose with my heart?
Or am I just following the flow from the start?

How can I see in the darkness, in-crowd?
Do not get lost, don’t fall from the cloud?
How can I know which color is mine,
when all the options so nicely shine?

How can I know what road is right?
There are so many turns, winding trails in my sight.
How can I know what to like and believe
when I’m scared – I’m just trying to leave…

What am I waiting for, standing right here?
Is that a panic or am I in a fear?
Will I keep watching injustice around?
Why can’t I make any meaningful sound?

I’m an observer watching myself,
asking and searching for my true self.
This is the way I have chosen in life,
this is my way to live and strive.

I’m just learning to define the truth,
seeing the issues, trying to choose
voice of my heart among millions I hear,
make it sound loud and clear.

Turn off the world, all the voices and pain,
Let me calm down my brain.
Let me find my little guy,
Let me stop my inner cry.

Let me see the hidden trail,
leading to happiness out of jail.
Let me free my inner self,
Strengthen my faith and believe in myself.

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