You’re Not Making Me Happy: Happiness in Relationships

“You’re Not Making Me Happy” – you can often hear this phrase from people saying it to their partners. What is the reason that people started to be unhappy in their relationship? What is happiness in relationships?

Expectations create disappointments

So everything starts with expectations… Everyone hopes that being in relationships brings eternal happiness and they subconsciously put the responsibility for their own happiness into their partner. You might ask, if it’s not true and your partner shouldn’t make you happy, why do people create relationships? In reality, expectations only create disappointments.

What are relationships for?

If your partner doesn’t have to make you happy, why would you start relationships at all? Let’s start from the beginning…

What is happiness and where does it come from?

Happiness is your inner state which comes from within… If you’re looking for happiness in another person, it’s the wrong road… To be able to be happy now and in 5, 10 years, you need to discover this happiness within yourself first. Your partner can only support you in your happiness.

How can I find this happiness within myself?

Everyone is a complete person already. There is no one who would complement you. God gave all the needed tools and options to everyone. So we all have the same number of needed features to be happy. And it’s up to us to choose to be happy or to complain and feel sorry for ourselves. We all have the life, food, and roof under the head so we can choose the road to follow. We have an opportunity to see the beauty of the world around us.

So even if something doesn’t seem to be nice in your life, you have an opportunity to change the things you don’t like, even if not today. Some people are rich, have a lot of fancy things, and could not be happy. And some – have nothing and happier than others. So we already have the happiness inside… It’s just a matter of perspective and choice.

Happiness in relationships

So how to be happy in relationships? If you found your happiness within yourself you don’t need your partner to fulfill your needs anymore. You don’t have any expectations and you can live and share your moments and dreams together. It will strengthen your happiness and relationships. So if your partner will ask you – “Am I making you happy?”. You can truly say – No, but you’re making me happier 🙂 The difference is that your partner isn’t the one who should make you happy but in tandem with him/her you can become happier!

Love to you all! Share your experience and write me if you have any questions.

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