The Changing World

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The world is changing, is it scary?
to walk through the darkness with no help?
to wander all alone and carry
the heavy burden on your inner shelf?

To hear a whisper of the liars,
of a million people you don’t know.
To feel the fear and pain like fires
and struggle from the dark unknown?

To stay alone or share feelings,
your inner worries and your pain
with family, your closest siblings,
or keep your fears in your vein?

You ask yourself again and burning
from heavy feeling hopelessness, despair.
Is it some joke or heavy morning?
You dream to wake up forgetting this nightmare.

Is it a sign for us to think about?
to look for answers, go inward?
To feel compassion, leaving the ground
to disconnect from the outer world?

Is it a sign to notice people,
the ones you loved from all your heart,
to find love, dive in it deeper
and make for once the hard restart.

Recall the feeling of excitement,
of pure childish sincere love.
You close your eyes, make an alignment
with who you were and you are now.

What did you go through all these years?
What did you feel and change somehow?
When did you get all those fears
and lost connection with the now?

When did you lose the trust in people,
when did you stop seeing the world?
When did you start living in a circle,
forgot your dreams, became that cold?

Why did you stop to notice the beauty
in people’s actions, hearts, in life?
Why did you start to perceive as a duty
the birthdays, holidays, life’s drive?

It’s time to think of values, actions
of what you used to skip or hide.
It’s time to think of inner passions,
of the soul’s needs and start a new ride.

The challenge of patience you’re facing
is just the lesson you need to learn.
This is a real God’s blessing
if you’re able to think alone.

It’s time for you to hear a whisper
of inner you, the real self.
It’s time for you to face the twister
of contradictions in yourself.

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Dejan Golubović
May 28, 2020
Really good. I like it :)

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