Healing Fears

Since we all have at least a few fears and some of them could be those we don’t even aware of, let’s look at yourself closer.
Ask yourself – what fears do I have? But try to be honest – no one is watching and no one is judging you. No one will check but if you will be completely sincere with yourself, then you have all chances to determine all fears and heal yourself.

What are the fears?

We don’t really realize, but in reality, fear is just an emotion which we create based on our insecurities, past negative experiences and things we don’t know about. So basically fear isn’t a visible enemy in front of us, it’s something not real, what our imagination creates. So let’s stop for a moment here – how can we possibly be afraid of something that doesn’t exist?

Why we create fears?

Our fears come from the idea of an imaginary perfect life, we read and watch the news and see the pain around, struggles, cataclysms and it makes us be afraid to have the same negative experience. Living in a social world, where money drives society, communications became something by default needed, we started to be afraid to stay without money, work, friends, family…

Fears, about which you know

Let’s try to take a break here and think about all the things you are afraid of. Make a list of things you’re afraid of.
– Related to society: you’re afraid to be single, to lose friends, to get lost in the world, to be completely alone, to be in an awkward situation among people you know or total strangers, to make something that others will think that you’re crazy,
– Related to work: to stay without money, without a stable income, lose the job, lose job position, lose respect from the coworkers, lose partners, be cheated by people you trust to,
– Related to the family: cheating of your partner, losing a family member, sickness of a family member
– Related to personal fears: fear of sickness, loneliness, height, accidents, animals and insects, to be in crowds, death, nature cataclysms, etc

This isn’t a full list and you can add to it also those fears you can think of. So now let’s think what we can do to heal from them.

Facing fears to heal

Some fears you need to face in order to hear. For example, if you’re afraid of heights, you just need to go on the high building and look down. You can have a friend who will support you and will help you to face it. Just look down and think why are you so scared. Are you really afraid to die like that? We all will die eventually so what’s the point to be afraid? There is no one there who will push you. Look and realize that it’s just space and the world is the same as down. And the fear you have is just in your head, it’s not real. There is no real danger there but the one you created yourself. If you will take a plane and look down, behind your fear you might actually notice how amazing world is – incredible views, breathtaking clouds… So don’t be afraid, leave that fear behind, just be careful and enjoy your life! Don’t forget to breathe deeply and at the scariest moment just notice that your body is in tension, your muscles aren’t relaxed…


So the most important, when you feel fear just try to completely relax your body, each muscle, this is how you can calm your mind and get rid of the fear. If you can’t do it completely, try the opposite technique – strain the whole your body till you will feel your muscles can’t stand more tension. Stay in this position as long as you can and after that your body will relax. With relaxation, calmness will come and you can understand that there is no reason to be afraid of.

Healing other fears

Actually, most of our fears are not a real danger. For example, you’re afraid to get sick, to get cancer even if you’re completely healthy now. You might think that you live in a dangerous region, bad ecology or have bad Geneology… But it didn’t happen and only think of such a possibility you actually attract it into your life. So stop being afraid of things which didn’t happen, enjoy your life instead! if we think positive, we attract good things into our life.

Life is unpredictable

Of course, lie is unpredictable and even if we will always think about good things, some bad things can still happen to us. But let’s think why it can happen and if it’s really a bad thing. The universe sends us signs and it’s up to us notice them or not. If we didn’t notice them, the last warning could be something that we consider as bad, but in time we can understand that it’s for good. And we needed that experience to learn, to grow. Just be grateful even for the tough moments, trust the universe and don’t be afraid to live. if you will keep being afraid – it will not help you to avoid bad experiences but instead – will bring more troubles. That’s why, there is no real sense to be scared. You can be brave and the universe will help you to achieve everything you want!

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