Toxic Relationships

I’ve often heard advice when people recommend to stay away from toxic relationships, topic people in order to stay happy. Let’s talk about it, diving deeper into the meaning of toxic, its nature and roots.

Toxic Person

How do we determine a person as toxic? Toxic person is a hurt person that has an unhealthy negative reaction to different situations and towards people. Toxic doesn’t mean the person is bad and we must avoid this person. Because for someone one person can be toxic and for another person – not. It depends on our perception, our resilience and depth of the relationships with this particular person.

At a particular time in life the person might be not toxic for you, and for the other time, you might consider this person as toxic. This situation can also happen in life. Because we all grow and develop with different paces and directions.

Toxic Relatives

This could be a very sensitive topic to discuss but we should talk about it. We might notice that someone in our family is toxic towards us. It means that someone close makes us feel really bad and uncomfortable, the person awakes the worst feelings within us and suck out the energy from us. Does it mean we should get rid of this person in order to stay healthy and happy?

This would be the advice you could receive from many psychologists. But this isn’t always possible and isn’t the best way. The close person isn’t obviously mean towards you because you’re bad or toxic. It could be the sign that your relative has a deep pain he is dealing with, deep trauma and it’s his way to reveal it.

That’s why when we heal self, we learn to stay resilient to any outer situation and no matter how others would treat you. And showing love you help your close person become better as well. With the close relative it could be more complex as the trauma could be very deep that he kept carrying it during a lot of years. So it won’t be easy. But it’s the most healthy way. Healing self, you help to heal the whole family and ancestors. Does it worth it? It sure does!

The Nature Of Toxic

Can you be toxic and do you need to be afraid of it and run away as from the severe illness? Toxic is the negative reaction that appears like a trigger to a particular person or situation and often comes from the trauma or lasting negative surroundings and life. So since we all are different anyone can be considered as toxic for a particular person. And it doesn’t obviously mean that you’re really toxic.

If someone perceives you as toxic, that could mean that some features in your behavior might trigger someone and it doesn’t make you bad. But if it upsets you that someone might call you toxic, this could be your trigger as well. This might mean that you’re very dependent on other opinions and you have a lower self-esteem.

If you had a trauma, emotional, physical or mental, or you were surrounded by people who made you feel uncomfortable, not enough or not worthy, then you could become toxic. Traumas create negative programs in the mind that affect your body and responses to different aspects of life.

Everyone is a Person First of All

Before calling someone toxic, think that the person was a pure baby, has parents and people who love this person. Toxic doesn’t mean bad. If someone acted in a bad or negative way, it doesn’t mean the person is bad and will remain bad always.

The same way someone became toxic, the person can heal and step into the path of light. And when we remain kind and compassionate to everyone, we help others to become better, to heal, to believe in self.

So when we are surrounded by negative people, this negative energy affects us, lower our own energy. But when we stay positive, we lift up the general vibration of the world, helping others to believe in best in people and life. By simple act of kindness and positive attitude you help people heal and get rid of toxicity.

Healing Self You Heal The World

We all have negative energy within, some issues that we see and reveal from time to time. When something triggers us, we see and might express some negativity. And that is actually a good thing. Because every time we see or notice some negativity within, we get an opportunity to reveal it and let it go. In other words, we can learn to heal self.
How does it look like? When, for example, we face a negative situation or someone treats us in a bad way, we can choose how to react. We can keep reacting in a negative way as we used to automatically. Or we can choose and stay kind. Not always bad behavior from someone is actually pointed towards us. This could be a reflection of someone’s pain that someone reflects on others.

When we respond with anger to a rude behavior that is an automatic protective response from the brain, we lower the general world’s vibration. But if we show kindness and compassion, it might show to the person that not everyone is rude and not everyone is evil. He might realize his mistake and ask for forgiveness. Or even if it won’t happen right away, that person might understand it later.

When you make a habit to respond with love to any life situation, you show to others that staying positive you attract better events and attitude into your life. And automatically people start becoming better as well. It works as a mirror and people reflect your kindness spreading and passing it on to others. This is how healing self we heal the world and others. We raise the energy of the world and make the world a better place.

Of course it’s not something visible or what we might expect right away. This is a bigger picture that we might never see and notice. But it shouldn’t stop you from being kind. Staying loving, kind and positive you make your life better, happier and make yourself stronger. And even if no one will ever tell you that your simple smile could help or save someone, it actually did. Have faith in the goodness and stay positive.

Universal Medicine

Love is the universal medicine that heal all the impurities and imperfections. And it’s the best way to ret rid of toxicity. When you learn constantly feel and emit love no matter the situation and event, no matter how people treat you, you raise the vibration of the world and remove toxicity from yourself or people around you.

It boosts your immune system, making your life healthy, filling with joy. Love heals every heart that needs healing, hope and support. It’s not always easy and simple to change the program of your mind that creates toxicity so practicing love response and filling your heart with love, you help to remove all the negativity. Pay attention to the details, all the feelings and reactions and strengthen your faith and love on the way to light. And in time you will notice the change in your behavior, in your feelings and in your life in general. You will notice that people around you will change as well.

Please share your thoughts, your experience and your doubts in the comments below.

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