There are no words which could describe,
what feel the soul flying despite
the moment, time, the horizon,
you take a chance and go along…

You feel the power and connect
to who you need to send this need.
To feel the flame, the power, dream,
and show the meaning of the steam

And going deeper you can fly,
can touch the fluff of dreamy sky,
To walk along the golden beach,
and be the guide, and try to teach.

You can teach people to achieve
the goal, if they do believe
in failing on the way to fly
and don’t give up, continue to try.

But morning comes with fresh wake up,
you face your fears in closeup.
No chance to run away or hide,
life places the challenge by your side.

The strength is deep if you enjoy
the way you walk with love and joy.
You open wider eyes, your heart,
and hear voices, feel the art

Which life is showing in the clouds,
in closed gates, in faces of clowns.
If you’re able to see the turn
which means to stop or go return,

if you’re able to doubt your strength,
and to expand your dreaming length,
if you’re able to connect
to the darker side and don’t expect

To stay the same and strong
and show your feelings, which are not wrong,
you would be able to see the light
and find power in your heart.

You would be able to change your views
the angle, meaning, finding your muse.
You would be able to change the world
without the need of being sold.

Without selling soul, your core,
keeping the balance within your shore.
That would be a win of your beliefs
and overcoming your life reefs.

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