Purpose in Life

We all have heard of a purpose in life, but what does it mean? How can I find it and be sure it’s the one?

Connection with the profession

You might think that a purpose in life is the same as finding the right profession. But this isn’t exactly what it means. For some people, the right profession is the purpose in life but let’s consider it detailed.

What is a profession?

It’s the way to earn money for living, no? Should you like it or it’s not essential? When you’re young, you have ambitions and the desire to explore the world. You look for what you’re good at, which allows you to earn money to make your dreams come true. And very often on the road, people find work that pays their bills. And they think it’s temporary until they earn enough or some other reason. But as it says, there is nothing more permanent than temporary. So they end up working at the company they hate, doing things they don’t like doing, surrounded by people they secretly hate smiling in faces. And that’s the moment when people realize that the most part of life is already gone but they didn’t find and didn’t try what they are good at and it’s too late already. And that is the more often reason for people to think they are unhappy…

How to be happy or the simplest secret in life

The truth is – it’s never too late to quit the job, to try different new things, to fail, try again, fail but try until they achieve what they feel they could. The secret of how to be happy – is to follow your heart and be honest with yourself. Everyone is made to serve others. So if you found the work that makes you feel that it’s your job and it brings usefulness to people, to the world – that’s your purpose in life. This secret is simple – people feel happiness and satisfaction only when they feel that they do something meaningful, they work helps others, makes the difference, makes the world a better place… isn’t it? So every profession is needed – you can be a doctor saving lives, or a cook, making tasty dishes and making people happy having a tasty meal. Or you can sell electronic devices and make people happy because these devices make their life simpler or more interesting…

The uniqueness of Everyone

So no matter what profession will you choose, you can find the purpose of your life by doing what is meant for you. It’s not obviously the same thing that many others do but it could be something unique or not that major as you might think so. It’s not so easy to find it, that’s why it’s very important to listen to your heart – it will help you to understand what is that and achieve success. Success isn’t something that allows you to earn millions. But it’s something that will make you feel that you have a purpose, your life is meaningful. And you will absolutely love what you do because your purpose is for you only and you’re the best in it. And yes, this job can make you earn millions if you wish that but do you really wish that?

The trick about the purpose

There is a little trick related to the purpose. It’s like in life – you need to learn to stay true to yourself and respectful to others to be able to keep the balance. Even if you found the purpose in your life but it doesn’t mean that it’s something that you can’t lose. You might be tempted by money, power, or something else. And that’s when you might start placing money or other selfish desire above the main purpose. That is the reason to lose the connection with your true self, with your purpose. Unfortunately, not all people might understand it and figure it out, or even if they will, it might mean that already lost a lot… But never give up – you can fix everything. But so you wouldn’t need to fix, just try to be an observer. Observe your life, your actions, stay honest with yourself, don’t judge, and don’t compare yourself with others and you will be happy!

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September 17, 2020
I so agree with your identifiers if purpose; and once aware it exists ‘somewhere’, even those not accustomed to the feeling that come with giving freely, there is still that “hey, attaboy! You were just a good person!” Feeling that hits them; the joy of giving without expecting in return. Lovely article!

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