Who Am I?

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If I won’t be myself then who will I be?
If I will not be bold, then who will be me?
If I won’t hear the whisper of pain in my heart
How can I say I’m not falling apart?

If I won’t learn what’s good and bad for myself
Can I say that I really know my true self?
If I don’t know what makes me feel sadness or joy
Can I be happy today and enjoy?

Enjoy every moment no matter the day
Even if others are judging my way?
Can I be happy without support,
Knowing that no one will come to my port?

If I won’t find the reason of my inner pain,
Will I be struggling and going insane?
If I will live and struggle, switching my mood,
Can I be kind and never be rude?

How can I stay patient in peace,
Waiting for something I don’t know if exist?
How can I smile when others are sad?
Is it that selfish, am I so bad?

I’m just trying to disconnect
from all the noise, that makes such an effect
That I’m so lost in the world of unknown,
Trying to keep strength in my bone.

Only when you will find the peace,
Silence in mind, the muscles’ release,
You will be able to hear your heart
Soul will feel its missing part.

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