Swimming Meditation – Follow the Light

Follow The Light

Follow the light – It never fails,
Uncover your hidden inner sight.
Don’t be afraid to take the trails
To where it doesn’t seem right.

Swimming Meditation

Swimming is one of the most healthy sports. It trains all the body’s muscles. Especially if you’re swimming in the sea, it boosts your energy and lifts up your mood, inspires and makes the joy fill every vein in your body. Personally, this is my favorite sport. I feel extreme connection with water and especially with the sea. Probably because my sign is water. When I’m swimming I feel a very strong connection with self.

Healing Qualities of Water

Water has a proven healing power and there are a lot of water meditations and other healing techniques that involve water. Water is pure, aimed to clean the energy. When you concentrate on water flow, you can imagine all your troubles flowing away with its flow. And coming flow brings you inspiring pure energy. You can feel fresh and energized. As longer you spend time next to the water, as deeper you can clean your energy and fill yourself with all the needed positivity and purity.

Ideal Conditions for Swimming Meditation

The ideal condition for swimming meditation would be if you’re swimming in a private or empty beach. If you’re new to this and want fully relax and get the best result, that would be the best option. You can find such empty beach, or if you have a car, you can drive along the coast searching for a perfect empty place. Or if it’s before season time, you have more chances to find such place. And if any of those methods didn’t work and you still didn’t find such place, you can get a boat, paddle board, kayak or other water transport and get to the private beach or swim in the open sea but that could be a bit dangerous. So it needs to be confident and have a partner who could watch over you.

Meditating in a Crowded Beach

In my experience, there is not always an opportunity to find an empty beach at the high season. There are a lot of people everywhere, you always hear voices, screams of kids and see playing people in the water. So you might ask – how could it be possible to really enjoy swimming in these conditions and is it even possible to practice swimming meditation at all?

My Swimming Meditation Experience

Living on the sea was my biggest dream. When it finally came true and I started to live my dreamy life, I started to get maximum from each day, each opportunity and see opportunities where others might see obstacles. So crowded beaches are not obstacles for me if I want to swim. What I do, I swim farther from the beach but not too far so I would be visible from the beach (luckily, for the years living by the sea, I learned to swim very well). I keep the safe distance with others so I could concentrate on my swimming meditation. I still can hear voices of tourists but I know that they won’t reach and touch me in the water.

So I lay into the sea surface on my back and relax. This is my favorite type of relaxation. I close my eyes or I can see at the sky, my ears are under the water so I don’t hear the noise anymore, just the sound of water. I breathe and concentrate on my breathing. I lay as long as I can.

My Results Of Swimming Meditation

I mostly practice it when the sea is quiet and there are no waves. I don’t have any thoughts, I just breathe. I feel the divine energy of water and this helps me to connect with nature, source, with self. As the result, I feel extremely inspired, I feel a huge energy and I feel what I should do, I got the ideas that I find absolutely brilliant and I’m eager to make them happen. I feel full of life, I want to swim more, to dance, to sing, to love and share love with the whole world! I feel warm protective energy that connects me with self. I feel blessed and my true self, the best version of me. This is the result I get when I practice swimming meditation. And this I find as the true meaning of meditation.

Swimming Meditation – Follow the Light

There is another technique that I love to practice while swimming. I call it – swimming meditation – follow the light. I practice it after 3pm when the sun is not right over my head and it’s not too hot. I look at the sun that is over the sea and creates a beautiful, magical shining trail of light on the sea surface. So I get into the water and follow this shining trail, follow the light. I just swim and swim and swim without thinking. It takes away all my fears and worries and I feel the one with this light, I feel that I’m the light. Magically I don’t hear noise and don’t see people around, I just follow the light and concentrate on swimming along this bright path. This type of meditation makes me feel extremely inspired, confident and loved.


Here I shared with you my personal experience and its results. Meditation could be different for everyone and this summer season I choose swimming meditation – follow the light. But please notice, if you’re not confident in your swimming abilities or didn’t try it before, don’t try to repeat after me right away. Make slow steps to feel confidence and explore what feels right for you. Everyone has own limitations and comfort zone, different perceptions and achieve different results. Please share with us your experience, what is your favorite type of meditation or what would you like to try yourself.

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