The True Meaning of Meditation or the Obstacles Between You and Your Dream

You can often hear that you can achieve all your want by following the law of attraction. When you imagine what you want to have or that you already have it. But in reality it doesn’t always work, did you notice? Doesn’t the law work or do you make any mistakes? What is the true meaning of meditation? Let’s consider it closer.

The Duality of Thoughts

Mind is the Most Powerful Computer

Every human being has millions thoughts daily and it’s impossible to keep the track all of them. Most of them are created by our subconscious based on programs it created during years while you gained experience and knowledge. Our mind is a very complex computer that processes a lot of information you receive every day.

Limitations Created by Our Mind

That’s why mind creates certain limitations based on its programs. These limitations are nothing more than mathematical calculations of a possibility of a certain event. In other words, for example, if you dream to buy a big house on the sea, with a sea view, 5 rooms, pool etc, and your current salary is $300 monthly, your mind can make simple calculations that would tell you that it’s impossible for you to buy a house of your dream. Plus if you will tell about this your dream to some of your friends or family members, they might tell you something like: “you’re insane, you don’t have any resources to buy such a house so please forget about it and concentrate on what is more important, on your current responsibilities”. Does it sound familiar to you?

The Crash of Dreams

This is the most often scenario of how people stop dreaming. Or you can even continue secretly dreaming about such a house, but on your subconscious there is a deep thought and program that keeps working and saying that it’s impossible. So this is the duality of thoughts. Your heart wants to have a house and your mind says it’s impossible. That is the main obstacle that keeps you from achieving your dream. And no matter how hard you’ll try to think the right thoughts, the negative thoughts, based on the fear of failure and others fears will create those thoughts that you don’t want to think. And those unwanted negative thoughts will keep popping up in your mind.

The Power of Thoughts

But every thought is the thought that has power. So if the opposite thoughts will keep appearing in your mind, the universe can’t actually help you to achieve what you really want. Because it can’t filter the right and wrong thoughts. It hears all your thoughts. You are the only one who can create thoughts and programs to achieve what you want. So how can you manage your thoughts and create the program to really achieve all your goals?

Conscious Living is the Key to Self-awareness

The Choices we Make

Most of our programs were formed since childhood so they mostly come from our family and our nurturing. That’s why most of our actions are not conscious, we act automatically. Living in a society we see and learn a lot of rules, stereotypes, someone’s goals and needs so we don’t really aware if they are the ones that we really want, if they belong to us. Most often we chose goals and thoughts that we think are ours and what we want but in reality they were unconsciously chosen by our mind to fit into this reality. This is all happens because we loose the connection with self and stop hearing own inner voice that has all the answers within.

Meditation as the Key to Connect with Self

Did you notice that even if you live how you thought is right and good, achieved certain goals and gained some benefits, you still might feel frustrated, like something is missing or you are not happy, not satisfied? This could happened because you achieved those goals that you unconsciously chose based on the knowledge you received. To help yourself to connect with your true self, to hear your own desires and feel what you should really do, here is where meditation helps. Meditation is the technique that calms your mind, helps you to hear your heart, to understand what is within yourself. The true meaning of meditation is in self-awareness that you gain in the process, in the feeling yourself in the present moment. Meditation Guide will help you to start if you have never tried it before and will answer all the questions you might have.

Meditation Types

There are a lot of types of meditation aimed to help you to fulfill your needs – reduce anxiety, gain self-confidence, self-love, calm mind and many others. All types of meditations help people to improve the quality of life and discover their own happiness. There are many courses Meditation based that help to get self-awareness. One of the best I’d highlighted is “The art of transformation”. If this is something you’re interested in, you can learn more about different types of meditation. You will find the ones that will fit you best and will fulfill your personal needs.

Walking Meditation

One of my favorite and most simple types of meditation is walking meditation. This is the type of meditation you can use if you have to walk your pet or walk with a baby, if you’re retired or don’t want to sit at home. Of course you can use it in any other case as well, every time you want. So during the walking meditation you take a long slow walk without a particular destination or even with the destination but when you are not in rush. You look around noticing leaves on the trees, colours in nature, every sound around, listen to the wind. This brings you to the current moment making you grounded. This exercise removes all the worries about the past and future making you enjoy the now. While you’re walking and connecting to the nature you actually can connect with yourself.

This type of meditation always inspires me. Connecting with self, I usually feel what I should do, it makes me feel my true desires and set my goals. It lifts up my mood, boosts immune system, makes me feel inspired and motivated, feel my purpose and follow my path.

Meaning of Meditation for Your Spiritual Growth

In the conclusion I’d like to mention that meditation isn’t the essential part of live. But it’s spiritual tool that helps nowadays to connect with self. This is very important especially now, in the modern world, when the world is changing so quickly, people create a lot of modedrn distractions and things aimed to simplify life. This is very important to know who you really are and what is your life purpose. So the way to your spiritual growth, it’s useful to learn those techniques that help you to discover all the possibilities and power hidden within you.
What is your experience in this direction? Let me know in the comments below.

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