Living Your Dream

We all have dreams and goals during life. We look at others, get inspired by others’ achievements and this could be pretty challenging for most people. Step into scary unknown and perhaps fail or keep living the way we hate? Or could it be learning how to live your dream and be happy every day? Let’s find out.

How to Prepare Yourself For Living Your Dream

For example, you dream of living on the sea. First of all, to make your dream come true, you would make a research about the place you want to live in. You would read a lot of forums and other websites, that present all the statistics as well as personal people’s experience of moving to the sea. Living in the modern world, you can find all the needed information in the internet, including tips, advantages and disadvantages, videos and even live videos. But most importantly that you should know that each experience is unique and everyone perceives the same situation differently and you always have a choice how to react at a particular situation.

So in case of moving to the sea, the best way would be to travel to your dreamy place as a tourist, rent an accommodation and stay there for some time to feel the life itself. Living in different seasons will give you more objectivity to make the right decision. When you try to live as locals, communicate with people, try things they do and eat food they cook, will make you feel the culture and feel how it makes you feel, if it’s right for you.

Summing up, to live your dream, you should make a research to know what you need to make it come true. Then to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to the next step. It will help you to understand what steps you will need to actually make for it and see if there is any inner resistance you need to work on.

Facing Fears, Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

I find this chapter as the most important one. Based on my experience, unknown things scare people and make them stay at a comfort zone. But the most important lessons most often are in healing fears and overcoming challenges. This brings freedom, healing and growth.

Very often people look at others who moved to a beautiful place and think that their dream came true in someone’s life. So people might choose to stay at comfort, feeling mad, envy and upset. But these negative emotions only create more problems.

So when you dream of moving to a dreamy place, you obviously have this image in your head, the image of your dream life, house etc. And it’s a good thing as it could be a powerful motivation for you to overcome a fear and make this last courageous step and move.

But what is also important, don’t have a particular expectation. Leave a room for the universe to make its magic and bring the best possible outcome for you, trust the process. It means if you will imagine everything in small details, the reality might show you a bit different picture and you might face with unexpected situations which could be pretty challenging. So if you trust that the current situation will lead to a beautiful destination for your highest good and allow to learn from it, don’t allow it make you feel angry or mad, sad, disappointed, you will definitely reach the most amazing result for you only.

Always try to stay positive. When you will move to your dreamy coast, feel the blessing of living your dream. Feel grateful for your dream came true, feel the beauty around and enjoy each day and moment getting most of it. When you feel gratitude, you will make more space in your life to attract more goodness into your life.

There will always be challenges in our life. But if you will see them as tips and sings to learn from and not as obstacles, you will grow and achieve everything you wish for and mush more. In other case you might follow the negative flow which could be destructive for your mind, health and attitude.

Sharing My Own Experience

Leaving on the sea was my biggest dream. Since 17yo I used to dream to move to another country. But at that time I was even afraid to dream of living on the sea. Living in my country was so scary for me, it only increased my anxiety, depression and affected my health. So for me it was, first of all, running away from the mentality, dark dirty streets and all the problems.

If you have a similar experience, I must, first of all, warn you. When you’re running away from your own demons, inner darkness and personal issues, you won’t be able to hide from them at any place and they will follow you at any place. So you would ask me – how did it help you then and if it helped you at all? Going ahead I must say, I made my dream of living on the coast come true.

It helped me because it pushed me towards me, my own purpose and my path. I already knew that I needed to face the darkness in order to heal and overcome my fears, to reveal what was causing the issues and let it go. I already knew that this journey won’t be easy so I was prepared. When I only moved to another country, I couldn’t believe that my dream came true. I felt the blessing of the dream coming true, the blessing of each day, each moment. I was amazed by the beauty of the sea, its mood, palms all around, beautiful flowers and I was witnessing the changing of season with own unique details.

This was the biggest source of inspiration for me. So all the challenges I faces I didn’t perceive as obstacles but rather blessings. I was excited to find out the solutions and try different option. Nothing really upset me. But it was just me. Others might have another experience.

Also since my personal inner issues still was there, and I lived more private life separated from people, stereotypes, opinions, it helped me to concentrate on me only, my own thoughts, desires and discover my own ways to overcome my fears. I learned myself and lighted up my darkness in order to step into the path of light. It was the choice I made and everyday work which wasn’t easy and I’m still facing the remaining dark challenges but living my dream, I keep dreaming and perceive every situation as a blessing. And this gives me strength and inspiration to continue my spiritual growth.

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