Facing Global Hysteria

Facing global hysteria is really challenging experience we’re living in. We used to feel safe, have houses, families, everyday duties. And unexpectedly, the global pandemic happened. What we didn’t expect and were not ready for, scares the most.

Breaking regular lives

We used to make plans, imagine our future and dream and in reality, we make expectations. We expect things to be a certain way. Did you notice how did you use to react when you didn’t get the job position you wanted, or couldn’t watch a movie when you wanted? Did it upset you or make you angry, disappointment? And those were really small things. So what is happening right now? All our lives changed. The universe broke all our hopes, desires, plans.

The big change – the big fear

And of course, when something so unexpected happened it’s normal to feel lost, scared and anxious. You don’t know what to do, how to adapt yourself to reality, how to live. The biggest fear is always something unknown. In addition to the fear of death, you’re close to a deep depression.

Hysteria – is it a new reality or someone’s manipulation?

What is happening right now, is what we hear from the television, social media, read on the internet, newspapers. This is how we keep ourselves updated to reality. Unfortunately, many people use it to manipulate others. There are a lot of sensitive, vulnerable people who can’t read such news without projecting it to their lives. The bad news makes people anxious, makes them question if they may also have the symptoms of covid-19, if they might be infected as well. This is all global hysteria.

How global hysteria can increase numbers of statistics

So fear of being infected with the unknown and very dangerous virus can create disease in healthy people and in the worst case, can lead to death. This time many people can go to the hospitals to check their health and it will increase the number of patients on one doctor. Plus when you go to the doctor just to check if you don’t have covid-19, you might contact the real infected people and you increase the chance to get sick yourself.

How to find out if you will die from covid-19?

When it’s related to the not explored enough virus, no one really can tell you if you will die from it or not. If you’re not sick now, why do you need to worry about it now? We all will die eventually, this is the reality. We can’t change it. Will it be from covid-19 or something else – no one knows. So isn’t it smarter to live with a full life and enjoy the life you have now?

What should you do then?

You might tell, that then you should go and enjoy life, enjoy nature, the company of your friends, explore new restaurants etc. But since this is an unusual situation and you live in a society, you should listen to what the governments say, do not panic and follow the global hysteria. When it says it needs to stay at home and only go outside when you really need it, it means that you can go to the supermarket to buy food but not very often. It means that you shouldn’t go for a walk with your kid because he can’t stay at home all the time.

Why is it important to stay home during a pandemic and follow all the rules?

Many people might think that all the government’s restrictions are aimed to manage and manipulate people. But in reality, it’s the only way to save more lives. The virus isn’t something you can see with your eyes and avoid and it doesn’t show if you’re infected right away. Since you’re not an expert, you should listen to experts and help them to overcome it faster. When people don’t follow the rules, even if they feel healthy, they put others in danger. You might have a good immune system but you might infect those people who have a weak immune system and it will lead to the death of many people. Would you like to be responsible for that? Of course, you will never know if it was you who caused so many deaths. But if you would know, would you fight your today’s selfish desire to break a rule?

How can you stay positive when everyone lives in fears and so many people are dying?

It is very important to stay positive. At the same time, it is very difficult. When you see how many people are afraid of the virus, when you hear how many people are dying. In reality, there are no true statistics and people were dying and before and will keep dying because this is how life is. You don’t need to be afraid of that. Staying positive you will increase your life. You will show an example to your kids and you can help people who live in fear to overcome it. Staying positive is healthy and if you can’t change reality, you can live and enjoy what you have. adapting to the changing reality will make you feel peace inside and harmony.

The new reality

The world is changing and you can’t stop it. All you can is to adapt to changes, to accept them. Acceptable brings you peace. Being grateful for what you have, for being healthy and alive today is real blessing and happiness. So why would you be scared of what hasn’t happened to you yet and might not happen to you at all? think that even if it will happen, you might not feel bad at all so all your worries would have no sense. So why would you be stressed because of what doesn’t matter? Life is today and today you can be happy or can struggle or something that hasn’t happened and might never happen. It’s a choice you make. Which one will you make?

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