Meditation Guide

This meditation guide is aimed to help you to find some answers in a new reality. We’re living at a very interesting time. From the one side – the world is changing and developing so fast that we barely can follow and adjust our habits to be in the same flow. The modern world offers a lot of improvements, interesting options, a lot of choices but at the same time – a lot of temptations and challenges. This could be very stressful and challenging. It’s not so easy to keep balance and inner peace. So it could be helpful to know how to calm your mind, reduce anxiety, get rid of fears, awaken your inner love and gratitude, and establish inner peace. The answer could be – meditation.

Meditation can help, if you:

  • feel anxious, fearful,
  • overwhelmed with events in the world, in your life or emotions,
  • overthink too often,
  • feel low, depressed,
  • think of the past often and it makes you sad, angry or emotional,
  • worry about your future or some future event,
  • worry about people you love, friends, relatives, etc,
  • don’t feel yourself or feel lost, don’t know what you feel or where are you going
    There could be some more options but I found these ones as more important.

Meditation Guide: The Purpose of Meditation

The main point of meditation, and the reason why it can really help – it brings you to the current moment, making you be present now. And this brings all other advantages.

How to meditate

Most Popular Technique

It’s better to find a quiet place where you can be alone. Sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes. Make deep breaths. Imagine that the air flows through the point between your eyebrows. Concentrate on your breathing. You exhale all the worries, anxiety, fears, and inhale joy, happiness, love. Try don’t think about anything. If you didn’t try it earlier, it could be hard don’t think about anything and it’s ok, just breathe. Try to concentrate on inhaling and exhaling between your eyebrows. 

Thoughts will keep attacking your mind, this is normal, keep concentrating on breathing. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you will not succeed today or in a week, don’t give up, you will succeed eventually. 

The Goal of Meditation

What is very important is to set the goal for meditation before you start – what would you like to achieve by meditating. Ask yourself this question and establish your goal. Without the goal, you won’t see the results. Like for example, you want to reduce your anxiety, calm your mind. Don’t start meditating only because someone advised you or because it’s popular now. One of the goals could be to achieve inner peace and this could open to you your purpose in life.

How long should you meditate?

If you’re a beginner, start with 5 mins, increase the time of meditation every day. 

How to concentrate on meditation and do not check time?

Set an alarm so you would know how long you’re practicing. When you will use to it, you might not need it at all. 

Another Meditation Techniques

Not everyone prefers to meditate sitting in the same position quietly. And it’s not the only option to achieve a state of peace, to calm your mind and feel yourself in the now. There could be other options as well. The one I’ve described above – is the most popular one. But let’s consider other options.

Personally, I prefer to connect with myself by just walking along the street. I don’t even need to travel far. Simply I go outside of my house, I look around, observe the trees, flowers, birds playing around, colors of everything around me. I smell the air feeling the current season, part of the day,  feeling the mood of the outer world and it takes all my worries away. All my thoughts are gone and I feel so much present, trying to guess the shapes of the clouds in the sky, hearing the sounds around. It brings me peace, makes me grounded, makes me feel part of this world and connect with it as well as my true self. I don’t need to perform for anyone. I am just me, in front of this reality, nature, today.

Some people are trying to go somewhere to nature – forest, or the sea, lake or park. Someplace with beautiful nature, or it would be even better if there wouldn’t be people around or not many so the noise of the world wouldn’t distract you from meditation. Nature is the best healer and guide. It helps to connect with the true self, feeling authenticity. It awakes the true feelings so you could see the pure beauty of the world. Nature brings you in the now so you could feel that no matter what is going on around you, no matter all the troubles and problems you might experience, the world keeps living and the world is truly beautiful. So all the troubles are just visible to you and don’t really exist in another perception.

Simply feeling the current moment, you feel peace. And there are no problems, they simply don’t exist. Nature has a powerful impact and could be a very good option for beginners. When you will gain some more experience, you might not need to go far and could find peace just where you are. You can also explore other options and maybe even find your own. You can also meditation listening to relaxing music or use the help of affirmations.

It could be some activity, like doing what you like the most. Hobbies or some work calm mind in a good way as well. It also brings you to the current moment. Or it could be music, art, sport and much more. Feel free to explore your feelings – what makes you feel in the now. So every time you might feel tension, you can use that technique that makes you feel good, calms your mind and body. You can find your technique using this meditation guide and use it to achieve your own goals. 

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