The Healing Power of Prayer or How to Strengthen your Faith

What is Faith?

The healing power of prayer can be actually understood by learning what faith is. The first thought you might have if someone will ask you about faith – the relation to religion. But is it really related? Each religion teaches in its own way to have faith in God and many other things including prayers. It might seems that blind faith means to unconsciously truth some old teachings without understanding. But faith could be based on your conscious living, your conscious choices and beliefs. Faith means that you realize the connection between your thoughts, health and your actions. Faith means you consciously trust your choices and beliefs.

Faith and Religion

No matter what God you believe in, there is one creator who created this world. God is all around us and within us as well. He helps those who ask his help and send angels for guidance. But the human is a complex and powerful mechanism. Human can heal himself and create the life he wants to live in. Once you realize that you have a power to change and manage your life, you will receive the key to your happiness. The healing power of prayer can

Work to Make Your Dreams Come True

Faith means that once you made a choice, you don’t doubt it, but trust that its the only right decision. Faith means that you believe that you’re not alone and God is with you, ready to help, guide you and support you. Very often it means that you need to have patience to be able to wait for what you want. God can send you signs so you could feel the right path but you’re the one who has to make actions and work for your dreams.

The Power Of Prayer

Time ago I found this prayer by Joseph Murphy “Wonders of Scientific Prayer”. I have been reading it daily 1-3 times a day for a few years already, and form my personal experience I can say that it truly changed my life. It gave me confidence in myself. I know that I’m not alone and every time I feel I need some answer or help – I ask and I always receive an answer to my prayer. This hasn’t been an easy path, but it was a divine experience that led me to my true self and made me feel the importance of my own unique path. It helped me to find my path and it brought me to peace, my inner peace I was looking for. And this is a divine happiness that I wanted and needed.

Here is this prayer:

“The gifts of God are my gifts. I take every moment of this day to praise the Lord. With me, divine harmony, peace and abundance. Divine love comes from me, blessing everyone, who gets into my environment. Divine love heals me now. I will not fear evil, because God is with me. I am always surrounded by the sacred aura of divine love and power. I affirm, feel, know and believe strongly and positively in that that the spell of divine love and vigilance direct, Heal and care for all members of my family and those I love.

I forgive everyone and sincerely radiate Divine love, peace and benevolence upon all people, wherever they may be. At the center of my being is the world, the world of God. In this silence, I feel His power, the guidance and love of His Holy Presence. I am divinely guided in all my ways. I am the pure channel for Divine love, truth and beauty. I feel His river of peace flow through me. I know that all my problems are dissolved in the mind of God.

The ways of God are my ways. The words I say go there where i send them. I rejoice and give thanks, understanding that I will get an answer to my prayer. And so it is. ”

The Results of the Prayer

If you will read the prayer for a month every day, twice or 3 times, you will be able to feel the first changes within you. Read it when you feel scared or lost, when you feel low or lonely. You will feel the healing power of prayer in time.

How to Strengthen your Faith

When you believe that you can achieve a particular result, or heal some illness or achieve another goal, you need to truly believe that you can actually achieve that. You might not get the support from people or even your family. But if you truly want it, God is always with you. And you have your own faith and capacity. Believe in yourself, in your abilities and be ready to wait. Changes don’t happen overnight. Every goal requires time. even if you will have a tiny doubt or fear in your heart, if you don’t truly believe that you can actually get what you want – it might stand between you and your goal making it farther for you. That’s why it needs to strengthen your faith to achieve it.

The Techniques to Strengthen your faith

You need to get rid of fears. Try to meditate to calm your mind. If you will find peace within yourself, it will help you to listen to your inner voice and feel the right direction. Stay positive no matter what is going on in the outer world, smile and laugh more. And no matter no matter what others might think or tell you, always believe in yourself. You’re one step away from achieving your dream. Only changing your thoughts, you change your reality!

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