How to Stop Overthinking

Thinking and Overthinking

First of all, let’s clarify what overthinking is. Thinking is a natural and useful process of creating thoughts and connections between them and their analysis. This is the right way of growth and personal development as person. Our mind is a very complex computer that processes million and thousands thoughts every day even without you knowing and comprehending it. Everything we see, hear and experience is the information for the mind to process. So when you just think about a particular event, situation or something else, it’s normal. But when this process starts to be hurtful and you can’t stop thinking about something, play in your mind different scenarios that are not real – this is overthinking. 

Why do People Overthink?

Inner Conflicts

When a very sensitive person starts to overthink, it happens because such people have a lot of compassion and feelings inside that create a lot of struggles if the person faces a conflict. In general, the main reason for overthinking, is the inner conflict that appears in the mind. It happens because all people are different that’s why everything acts and reacts based on own experience, knowledge and education. And when someone acts or responds the way we can’t expect or understand, the mind starts looking for the program and knowledge in the inner storage. It might create an inner conflict and while the mind is looking for an explanation or resolution, you overthink. Because the mind might not find peace until the problem won’t be solved. 

The Conflict and Self-love

The other reason for overthinking could be when someone is trying to understand why the other person acted or said the way he did. And often it can make that person feel guilt without his understanding. Guilt without understanding can only mean that the person has a low level of self-esteem and self-love. And this is the issue that needs to work on first of all. Very often overthinking is the reason of low self-love when the person thinks that no one understands, loves or supports him, that he doesn’t fit into this world or disappoint others. Making you fall in love with yourself, will decrease overthinking.

Ways to Stop Overthinking

Respect and Accept Others

So to stop overthinking, you need to understand and accept that everything is different and everyone deserves to have own thoughts, experience and views that could differ from yours. Everyone has their own path and own mistakes to learn on. When you learn to accept others for who they are and respect them and their view no matter how wrong you might think they are, you find peace and it will help you to stop overthinking. 

Love and Accept Yourself

Practicing self-love and self-acceptance is the other very important way to stop overthinking. In general, this one is one of the most important lessons that everyone needs to learn. It not only helps you to stop overthinking, but you help yourself to find and establish peace, live a happy and healthy life. In this case some self-love affirmations and meditations could be very helpful.


One of the most powerful and helpful techniques is meditation. It not only helps to calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety, but it helps you to connect with self and feel in the now. One of the reasons why people overthink – they play possible scenarios of how they could act in the fast or how they can do in the future. These thoughts could be painful and it is wasting time if it causes you any inconvenience of pain, breaks your inner balance. So only placing yourself in the now can actually help you to stop overthinking. Simple breathing techniques can help you to calm your mind and balance your energy. 


Gratitude is the other powerful key to all the doors. When you start feeling sincere gratitude for every situation, person in your life and experience you’re living, you raise your vibration and it reduces anxiety. It helps you to accept certain situations without the need to overthink. When you start practicing it daily and make it a habit, it changes your life in many situations and fields.

What are other techniques that help you to stop overthinking? Share with us in the comments below. Much love to you

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